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Plan Documents

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PHASE FOUR: Schematic Design

Charrette & Graphics

The Blue Hole Regional Park design community charrette was held October 8-10. The Design Workshop team realized early that the success of the park implementation involves a partnership with the City Council, Boards, Staff, non -profits, user groups, property owners, and other appropriate governmental services and utility companies. The Design Workshop team developed a process that offered a successful outcome and deliverables while gaining valuable input and consensus among the interest groups during a community charrette. The proposed charrette is seen as a means to invigorate the design process with new perspectives on the vision.

Rather than reviewing concepts developed by a consultant at one or several large meetings that can be easily dominated by one individual or group, or conducting a conventional design process that offers inadequate opportunity for input, the focused Blue Hole Regional Park community charrette allowed for the City, key stakeholders, the community, non-profits and utility companies to be involved over a three-day intense process. Stakeholder meetings occurred with each interest group so that meetings were constructive and facilitated in a non-confrontational atmosphere. Over the first day and a half of the charrette, ideas were developed that offered balance between the needs of all interest groups and to begin building consensus. The design concepts were tested against other proposed options to evaluate advantages, disadvantages, etc. Design and planning concepts were communicated through plans, sections, details, sketches, and elevations. All drawings can be reviewed below.

At the conclusion of the charrette, the Design Workshop team conducted a community open house. The team presented the findings of all facilitation meetings, the inventory and analysis, and the alternative concept plans and concept sketches produced during the charrette. The open house allowed for additional feedback and concerns to be voiced and a preferred alternative to be selected prior to the Design Workshop team move forward with the design.

Agenda for the charrette
Charrette presentation (3.8 MB)
Park Design Best Practices (14.2 MB)
Charrette Photographs
Overall Concepts
Blue Hole Area Concepts
Recreation Area Concepts
Signage Concepts
Charrette Illustratives

Schematic Package

Schematic Design Document - Part 1
Schematic Design Document - Part 2
Schematic Design Document - Part 3
Schematic Design Document - Part 4
Schematic Design Document - Part 5
Schematic Design Document - Part 6
Wayfinding Donor and Interpretative Signage (12 MB)

City Council Meeting

100% Schematic Design Presentation